Types of Salves


Descriptions of Salve types

Calendula:  Therapeutic Actions: anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, astringent, demulcent, emmenagogue, hemostatic, lymphatic, vulnerary   a renowned healing herb. Create an exceptional all-purpose healing salve with calendula & honey for all your cuts, scrapes and assorted boo-boos.

Comfrey: Comfrey (Symphytum officinalis) has the power to mend torn flesh, broken bones, sores and ulcers. As a plant, comfrey itself is practically indestructible. Its roots reach deep down many feet into the subsurface of the soil, availing itself of all the rich mineral elements of the earth that in turn allow it to be used to heal and mend. All parts of the plant can be used with the mucilaginous root being the most healing.


Balm of Gilead:  Cottonwood Bud oil  Balm of Gilead is used as a topical moisturizer and painkiller. For conditions such as eczema, sunburn, and bursitis, the balm soothes irritation, inflammation, and pain while promoting healing. Other oils and moisturizers can be mixed in for a skin-hydrating effect, or to further improve skin condition and pliancy. In mild concentrations, it can even be useful for diaper rash. Some people have also used it for the treatment of scars, keloids, and stretch marks.

For chronic pain conditions and wounds, the application of Balm of Gilead can relieve symptoms or discomfort. The effects of the balm penetrate the skin to soothe muscle and bone pain, numb bruises, and calm inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties also make it useful for reducing fevers, when combined with other herbs and taken internally.

Rosebud Salve: Heal scrapes, burns, blemishes, and chapped skin.

Soften and repair cuticles.

Relieve hemorrhoids, diaper rash, psoriasis, alopecia, and dry scalp.

Treat itch associated with chemical burns on the scalp resulting from processing (bleaching and coloring) hair.

Pinon Sap or Pitch Salve: A natural antiseptic that relieves pain and promotes healing.







Arnica: used topically for bruises, sprains and aches, and it is taken orally for sore throat and gums.


Pine Sap Pitch Salve: A natural antiseptic that relieves pain and promotes healing.






Plantain:  is considered helpful for:

Bee/wasp stings

Spider bites

Mosquito and other bug bites

Poison ivy/poison oak/sumac (this remedy using plantain and jewelweed is great)




Diaper rash

Dandelion is good for all kinds of aches and pains, from sore muscles to dry or itchy skin.

Vapor Rub: For Aching Muscles, Nail Fungus, Headaches, repel the mosquitoes,

St John’s wort:  Great all purpose salve. Use for insect bites, itching, wounds, burns, fungal infections, arthritis, hemorrhoids, sunburn, herpes sores, varicose veins, sciatica, and nerve pain.

CBD salve  effective for arthritic joint pain/inflammation, localized muscle pain/soreness, and chronic skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. For other CBD-treatable conditions like anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, and chronic pain management, orally-ingested forms of the medication are generally more appropriate.

Sore Muscle Salve and Fibromyalgia Balm:   Arnica flowers – Native to the mountains, arnica flowers have been used in European folk medicine for centuries. Arnica is a well known anti-inflammatory herb that really works miracles on sore muscles, sprains, arthritis, and bruises by helping to improve the local blood supply and speed up healing.

Calendula flowers – Calendula isn’t just awesome to help heal your aches and pains, it’s also a superb anti-inflammatory and works very well in salves and bath salts for muscle pain and spasms.

Cayenne powder – The main ingredient in this salve, cayenne pepper has a really ancient history dating as far back as 7,000 years ago. Naturally anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic, cayenne pepper contains a constituent called capsaicin. The reason that Cayenne works so well for muscle and nerve pain is because the capsaicin in it blocks a neurotransmitter, called Substance P (SP), that transmits pain signals from the nerves to the central nervous system. When cayenne is used topically, it can help relieve all sorts of pain, from neuropathy, back pain, muscles spasms, menstrual cramps, and even arthritis.

Chamomile flowers – Chamomile is such a soothing and gentle herb, great for use for all ages. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties make it great to help relieve muscle tightness, spasms, and nerve pains.

Comfrey leaf – Also known as “knit-bone” because of its ability to naturally heal muscle and tissue back together, comfrey is a fantastic addition to any muscle salve, helping to repair tears and strains, while also reducing inflammation and soothing pain.

Cramp bark – I love to use cramp bark for muscle spasms and inflammation and is fantastic in salves for menstruation, I always use it in my oil for my Aunt Flo’s Soothing Salve.

Eucalyptus leaf – The fresh and cooling feeling that eucalyptus brings is perfect to go along with its natural anti-inflammatory properties and it’s abilities to calm a spasm.

Ginger root – Used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine for all sorts of ailments including arthritis and muscle pain, ginger has undergone all sorts of clinical studies for its anti-inflammatory abilities. The warming abilities of ginger help to improve circulation and relieve tension in tired muscles.

Lavender buds – This analgesic herb is one of my favorite herbs to use in pretty much any salve I make. Lavender is great at calming and soothing muscle pains and spasms, and even helps to calm you down, which is helpful when your muscle spasms are due to stress!

Lemon balm – A natural relaxant, lemon balm has fantastic anti-spasmodic properties. Lemon balm is great at relaxing the body and calming spasms, making it perfect for any muscle mending salve!

Mint – Peppermint leaf, spearmint, and many other plants in the mint family are fantastic for use in muscle soothing salves. Naturally anti-inflammatory and analgesic, most members of the mint family help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. The minty fresh cooling effect can really help the pain go away too!

Pine, cypress, cedar,cottonwood buds,  juniper, birch – You can use the needles, leaves, and bark of any of these wonderful trees in baths, salves, and more to ease muscle pain and loosen stiff muscles. Many of them carry a mild analgesic helping to soothe the pain deep in the muscle.

Rosemary leaf – Rosemary is a well-known muscle pain reliever, and can help reduce swelling in strained muscles. The herb has four anti-inflammatory properties, which can help calm inflamed muscle tissue and speed healing.

St. John’s wort – Well known for its abilities to help lighten a mood and ease depression, when infused into oil, St. John’s wort is a fantastic analgesic and anti-inflammatory. One of the best nervine’s around, St. John’s wort is also great for nerve pains and spastic muscles.

Turmeric – One of the yummiest spices that give curry its distinctive flavor and color, turmeric has numerous healing properties to it that not only help to ease muscle strain and pain, but also arthritis and joint inflammation. One of the constituents that give turmeric its superhero status, is curcumin, which naturally helps to lower the levels of enzymes within our body, that cause inflammation.

Willow bark – Naturally rich in salicin, a chemical compound similar to the main ingredient in aspirin, willow bark is a superb analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Used to help treat headaches, tension, muscle spasms, cramps, menstrual cramps, and more, willow bark is nature’s personal aspirin.

Diaper Salve: Plantian,  lavender buds, calendula

Yarrow Salve today.
Here’s a list of things we use medicinal yarrow first aid salve for:
Bee Stings
Stop bleeding in minor cuts
Headaches (I rub it on my temples and find some relief, although chewing fresh yarrow leaves is more effective for headache relief)
Bug Bites
Diaper Rash


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